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My first solo book... - 8/23/2015
My first solo book is being released.
The Heart of a Hurricane is Fear on a Stage in a Monsters Ballet
The August 29 Love Letters of Shadow Angelina Starkey

The night of August 29, 2005 I wrote a love letter to New Orleans. I begged her to survive.

Each year on the anniversary I write another. I am releasing a hand bound book of those letters paired with 11 of my photographs of this place that I love so deeply.

Hurricane Katrina and the destruction of the federal levee system changed the lives of everyone who lived in the city of New Orleans.
It changed the lives of those who love this place.
It forever altered the way that many people see and feel about this country.
For others it was a sad confirmation of what they already knew.

Each book is be $10. If you'd like it mailed, continental shipping will be an additional $3.50
I'm taking orders now. You can click that little Buy Now button below or you can get one from me in person.
Make sure you use the dropdown menu for specifics.

A special thank you to Next Left Press and Geoff Munsterman
for being the only person that I would have trusted with this work.

Shadow Angelina Starkey

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Burle-Q - 1/20/2012
More of the deliciousness that is Fleur de Tease...

On to the work...

Fleur de Tease: 2011 Holidays

and Fleur de Tease: 2012 Alice in Burlesqueland

Click on the names to check out the sets.
Shadow Angelina Starkey

Asia - 1/17/2012
Ever been to Asia?
I hadn't either. Here are some shots of Philippines and Singapore.
On to the work...

Singapore: Hindu Temple

Singapore: Buddhist Temple

Philippines: A Tropical Island

Philippines: Rural Life

Singapore: Life and Death

Click on the names to check out the sets.
Shadow Angelina Starkey

Grace, lethality and undeniable beauty - 12/27/2011
There is a woman in the world named Crow.
She is easily one of the most beautiful, graceful, lethal women I have ever known,
and I love her fiercely.
We made some art together during her recent trip to New Orleans.
On to the work...

Facets of a Fire Bringer

Click on the name to check out her set and you can thank me later.
Shadow Angelina Starkey

Worship. Religions. People. Treasure. - 12/14/2011
A mix of haunting places, interesting things and strange people.

On to the work...

Saint Roch Ex Voto > 2011 Redemption Revisited

Some new additions to Spontaneous Portraits 2010-Present

Things, Trinkets and Treasures > Mississippi, Home of Judge H.C. Watkins

Click on the names to check out their sets.
Shadow Angelina Starkey

The Joys of Dance in the Big Easy - 12/13/2011
Here I find myself doing yet another massive update.
2011 has brought me to many gorgeous women
I hope you enjoy the burlesque beauties I have to show you!
On to the work...

Fleur de Tease: 2011 Favourite Things

Fleur de Tease: 2011 Prince Tribute

Burlesque Ballroom 05-2011

Fleur de Tease: 2011 Mythical Creatures

Fleur de Tease: 2011 Season Finale

Slow Burn Burlesque: 2011 Peepshow Freakshow

Freaksheaux to Geaux: 2011 Midsummer Mayhem

Fleur de Tease: 2011 Season Opener

Slow Burn Burlesque: 2011 ShowGhouls

Fleur de Tease: 2011 Halloween Revue

There is no actual nudity in these sets but if you have an uptight boss...
wait until you get home.
Click on the names to check out their sets and keep your eyes open for a lot more coming very soon.
Shadow Angelina Starkey

I am inspired by the strong and beautiful women in my life, and the men who love them. - 2/3/2011
Ahh productivity, it feels so good.

I split up the Portraits section by timeline, so updates are in the
Spontaneous 2010-Present section

Stephani Kammer in Emergence of the butterfly

Conchita Iglesias-McElwee in Conception

Click on their names to check out their sets...
Shadow Angelina Starkey

Fleur de Tease, in all their sparkly, plumed and naked glory - 1/31/2011
As usual, if you are offended by scantily clad women who rejoice in dance, don't look...

Valentine's Day

Classic Burlesque

Alice in Wonderland

A Tribute to Mothers


Prince Tribute

Click on the names to check out the sets...
Shadow Angelina Starkey

I live in Asia now, can I use that as my 'I haven't updated' excuse? - 1/29/2011
Seriously, I'm splitting my time between New Orleans and Asia. What a very strange life it is. But onto the good stuff...

One of the most visually gorgeous concerts I have ever seen...
Faith and the Muse

Gabrielle Geiselman in Death and a Poem

and closest to my heart, updates of my beloved New Orleans in
Around the City

Click on their names to check out their sets...
Shadow Angelina Starkey

Twelfth Night has gone, the frigid is still here so I've been indoors - 1/18/2010
I've reimagined some old works.
It's been very interesting to look at what I did years ago. Like discovering an old friend.

Crow in Nancy without Sid

Nikki le Villain in When a Dame comes to town

You know what to do... Click on the names to check them out
Shadow Angelina Starkey

2009 has rocked my proverbial socks! - 12/25/2009
New and old work is coming into the site as I gear up for the New Year.
2009 has wrapped up as my favourite year of all time
and I can only imagine what wonders and awesome 2010 will bring!
On to the work...

Madam Chartreuse in The Pleasure in a Bath

Madam Chartreuse in The Misery in a Bath

Madam Chartreuse in The Blue Fox

The beauty and sultriness of the women of Fleur de Tease Burlesque... doing their fine thing on Movie Night, Carnal Carnivale and for the Holidays!

There's also new stuff in Portraits, Spontaneous

and New Orleans, Around the City

Click on the names to check them out and keep your eyes open in the coming days for even more
Madam Chartreuse, Day of the Dead women
and who knows what else...
A Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Beautiful Kwanzaa...
however you chose to celebrate this season, I wish you a wonderful one!
Shadow Angelina Starkey

Second Line by Poppy Z Brite - 12/18/2009
This photo...

is the cover for the short story collection, Second Line by Poppy Z. Brite
and is available now in stores or your handy internet retailer!
Go. Buy a copy. No really.

The shoot was a good time, made even more so by the deliciousness we experienced on set.
Set being Green Goddess Restaurant.
If you're in the New Orleans area, I strongly urge you to
run, do not walk,
to this location and get yourself some incredible food.

Shadow Angelina Starkey

How did I let it go this long? - 11/21/2009
Well yes, kids, it has been awhile. But I have been incredibly busy.
Changes abound both personally and professionally. And every single one has been for the best, for the awesome and for the beautiful.

NOLA by Night Fall 2008 Cover

NOLA by Night is a freely distributed publication listing various clubs,
attractions, restaurants, bars and stores that will attract the wayward alternative visitors in the New Orleans area.
The aim is to provide a traveling handbook that will be useful to tourists as well as locals in need of an overview of alternative businesses here in our weirdly wonderful city.

An updated issue is released for each holiday season to encourage the awareness
and growth of the unconventional New Orleans nightlife.
And, of course, this season is Halloween.
So keep your eyes peeled and pick up your copy of NOLA by Night,
cover photograph by yours truly featuring Rob Richards and Kerry Jessica Brown, the Southern Belle from Hell!

Shadow Angelina Starkey

Bring me de wimmins!...many more female models... - 7/23/2007
And even more lovely, fierce and sexy women

The Assassin and Crow


and Lux

Click on their names to check out their sets...
Shadow Angelina Starkey

There's always room for more beautiful men modeling for me... - 7/23/2007
Welcome the men


and Levi Hates You...

Click on their names to check out their sets...
Shadow Angelina Starkey

A Posable Doll, A Woman Revealed and Sadako in Gas Mask - 6/1/2007
I have recently had the pleasure to work with


and Sadako..

Click on their names to check out their sets...
Shadow Angelina Starkey

Priest in Chains, Penetralia and Beauty in the Abandoned - 5/8/2007
I have recently had the pleasure to work with

Skarry Kerry and Sadie Haycraft of Penetralia

and Nephri...

Check them out in the by clicking on their names...

Shadow Angelina Starkey

New model sets, Gabrielle - 3/4/2007
I am pleased to present to you,
Gabrielle Geiselman as the Wicked Starlet

Shadow Angelina Starkey

Antediluvian Tales by Poppy Z Brite - 2/13/2007
This photo...

which you can find in the New Orleans Cemeteries section, sub-category Metairie
will be the cover for the upcoming short story collection, Antediluvian Tales by Poppy Z. Brite
published by Subterranean Press this fall.

I am over the moon.
I have been reading her books for near 13 years.
The old characters are like old friends.
The new characters like the people I knew pre-Katrina.

I am honoured and have to admit that the sliver of baby goth bat that didn't quite die and still lives somewhere in my veins
squee'ed and bounced and chain smoked some cloves upon finding out.

Shadow Angelina Starkey

Finding my religion - 2/7/2007
And as for where I've been lately?
Take a look in Saint Roch Ex-Voto

Shadow Angelina Starkey

Beauty and the Beasts - 1/29/2007
What's new? So much. So very, very much.

In model sets I have some beautiful new faces for you. Here are some teasers...

The Assassin

The Henrietta series featuring Crow

Also in Model Sets.......Cuba and El Salvador,V
and Nancy without Sid

In Live Music Concert there are a plethora of musicians that run the gamut...

Killswitch Engage 2006

Lamb of God 2006

Hugh Masekela.....................................Wednesday 13..................................Rebirth Brass Band

.....................Chimaira.......................Children of Bodom..............

Also in Live Music Concerts, ...................Mogwai................All That Remains........................Dark Tranquility
and of course there is more to come...

I'm exhausted and pleased. Keep checking back for more updates.
Shadow Angelina Starkey